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When working on our health and fitness, it can be tempting to try to work around cardio. If we want specific results, strength training and targeted exercises can seem more appealing, so many people end up neglecting this important element of their workouts.

But the issue is often our way of thinking about cardio, rather than the cardio itself. We might be sticking to the same boring routines, while losing interest and motivation with every workout. That’s why it’s important to find a personal trainer who knows not just the benefits of cardio and how to achieve them, but also how to make it stimulating and rewarding for their clients.

Nobody understands cardio like we do!

At Beyond Best Personal Training, we use simple methods that are surprisingly effective. Your trainer will get to know you first, including your strengths, weaknesses, and any physical limitations you may have, and then put together a flexible, fun, interactive plan to get your body burning fat for fuel as quickly as possible.

A circuit developed with your needs in mind could involve anything from skipping and crawling variations, to kettlebell carries. These combinations will be diverse enough to keep both your body and mind occupied, and will keep you motivated long after you’ve started to see results!

The benefits of our Approach

One of the greatest benefits of cardio is body toning, which is often why people delay their weight loss journeys – the prospect of treadmills and other long, hard slogs with slow results can seem like a mountain of a task. However, with our approach, your results will feel like part of the process, and not just some unattainable goal.

On top of weight loss, you can also expect a reduction in your risk of chronic disease, faster recovery times, elevated mood, increased stamina, and endurance. So, if you need compelling reasons to stop neglecting cardio and start working towards a new you, get in touch with Beyond Best on 0438 589 842 for all the support you need.

I've been training with Sasha since the beginning of 2020 and it's been a lifesaver to keep our regular sessions in a challenging year. we've trained online, outdoors and at the gym when permitted. I've never been better physically or mentally thanks to his well tailored programs!
ronan burder
ronan burder
09:01 07 Sep 20
What an amazing place the knowledge and expertise shown by these guys was second to none!If you want a phenomenal experience this is th place to go to!A massive five star 🌟Check them out!
steven thompson
steven thompson
07:35 24 Jun 20
Amazing training and professional advice by ben and the team, highly recommended!! Thanks beyond best personal training
Brooke Phillips
Brooke Phillips
06:53 22 Jun 20
I've been training with Beyond Best for the last 2 1/2 years and can honestly say I haven't felt better or stronger ever in my life. Beni and Sasha are professional, caring people who really go the extra mile to ensure you're safe, supported and above all *challenged* during the sessions. Unhesitatingly recommend them to all ages and fitness levels.
Chris Kelaart
Chris Kelaart
08:44 04 Feb 20
The team at Beyond Best Personal Training have been great to work with so far. I'm loving the training, and already noticing results after just a few weeks!
Aaron Smee
Aaron Smee
09:03 03 Mar 20
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