Frequently Asked Questions

by | Apr 27, 2021

Are cardio workouts good?

Of course. People tend to not like cardio because it’s hard, so they don’t do it. Each person’s heart is the most important muscle in everyone’s body, and doing cardio properly will keep the heart healthy.

Can cardio build muscle?


How does cardio burn fat?

It can help tip the calorie balance. Also when the intensity is low-to-moderate, you are utilizing predominantly stored body fat.

What cardio burns the most calories?

Short term interval training burns more calories (no more than 30 minutes) but it’s not the healthiest cardio to do frequently.

 Easier intensity but longer duration is recommended, for frequent training, and it would burn more anyway.

What cardio is best for weight loss

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How often should cardio be done?

It is best to do it 3 times a week for 30 minutes to start with. Example every 2nd day

Can cardio burn muscle?

It can make muscle gain more challenging. You need a tailored approach for your needs and goals.

Should I do cardio when bulking?

Makes it difficult but if you periodize your training, and cut cardio down to maintenance level, then when you’ve built enough muscle, you can increase your cardio effort whilst maintaining muscle.

Can you do cardio when sick?

Depends on how sick you are. If symptoms are from neck up, you can train at 75% or less of your maximum. But if the illness is from the chest or neck below, you shouldn’t be training at all.

Can Muay Thai help lose weight?

Definitely. Many people prefer the Muay Thai cardio to traditional methods.

Will Muay Thai get you ripped?

It can help, but getting ripped is mostly to do with your dieting.

Will Muay Thai get me in shape?

Highly likely, but it depends on your diet and your general healthy lifestyle or lack of.

Are weight training and resistance training the same?

Yes they are.

Is weight training better than cardio?

No, definitely not. They are two very different training methods, but they can be complementary.

Is weight training good for fat loss?

Yes it is. Burning calories but you burn less calories. But if you build lean muscle, that increases your metabolism, which helps to burn more calories

Is weight training good for your heart

It is yes, but in a different way to cardio.

Can weight training help lose weight?

Yes, because of increased lean muscle mass and from the activity

Why weight training is important

You don’t need a lot of general functional strength unless you’re playing competitive sport. It makes life a lot easier in day-to-day tasks, and also helps prevent injuries. Someone’s typical lifestyle will most likely create some kind of muscle imbalance, so strength training can be a useful way to counteract that imbalance

Weight training for beginners

Beginners need to have a balance between movements. They need to do what their body can do. They need to learn proper technique. If you don’t have a personal trainer, you’re going to need to do some of your own research from reputable sources of information.

HIIT vs Weight Training

They are both completely different. Weight training is generally for strength and muscle development. Interval training is anaerobic conditioning, so it is a high intensity cardio workout.

Weight Training vs Cardio?

Both are completely different training methods with different purposes. I’m a huge fan of doing both. They can complement eachother. Each offers different benefits. They can work against eachother too but it depends how its done

Can fitness help with anxiety?

Yes definitely. Heaps of our clients came with us for the mental health benefits.

Are personal trainers worth it?

Yes, if you’re picking a trainer that suits your needs and goals. Some trainers are good with cardio and endurance, and others are excellent in bodybuilding and body composition.

What do personal trainers do?

That can vary heaps. What we do is find out what you are willing/ready/able to do. We test your functional movement ability. Then we set all our training to what specifically suits your willingness, body’s ability and readiness.

When should you get a personal trainer?

If you actually want to make progress with your health and fitness, if you’re struggling with being kept accountable, if you’re getting sick often, or feeling generally unhealthy and exhausted. Also if you want to achieve a higher level of competitiveness, a personal trainer would definitely be beneficial.