How Do You Choose a Fitness Program That Works?

Posted by Beni Cook

What to do if your training program doesn’t provide the desired results

Have you ever done the exact same exercise regime as someone else, only to find you get different results? The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all exercise program. Everyone responds differently to exercises and training methods, which is why you need an individualised regime that works for you and your body. Here’s some findings on the results you might see from different fitness regimes, and what you can do to find the one that works for you. 


Are the differences in results really that staggering?

There have been countless studies that show the vast difference in results when people undertake the exact same fitness program:

  • In a 2015 study on cardio fitness, participants committed to a high intensity walk 5 times per week. Researchers found that while some people increased their fitness by 7%, others had a huge 118% improvement – that’s a massive difference!
  • In one strength training study, participants engaged in the exact same 12-week program. Results ranged from no improvement through to a colossal 250% increase in strength.
  • Different results also appear when comparing people on the same diet. In one nutrition science study, participants on the exact same diet (either low-fat or low-carbs) had huge differences in their weight management over 12 months, with some people maintaining their weight, others losing weight, and some even gaining weight.

There are many factors to consider for why different exercise programs work for some, and not for others. Nutrition, sleep quality, stress, and even genetics can all impact your ability to lose weight or build strength. Incidental physical activity such as walking to the local shops or taking the stairs can also impact the effectiveness of your fitness regime. So how do you choose a fitness program that works for you? 


How to find the right exercise program for you

If you’ve already found an exercise approach that works for you, congratulations! There are many people who will engage in common fitness programs and see real results. However, if you’re in the category of people that don’t see results easily, there are things you can do to improve the effect of your exercise program. 

Whether you’re working on weight loss, strength training, or endurance training, there are a number of key practices that will help you see results. These include:

  • Being consistent – Research shows that regular exercise is crucial to seeing results. Aim for a dedicated exercise session at least 3 times a week. Once you’ve nailed that, try to increase your sessions to 4-7 days per week, depending on your goals and lifestyle. 
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle – all the exercise in the world won’t help if you’re chowing down on takeout daily or sleeping only 5 hours a night. A holistic fitness regime includes getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, and consuming nutritious food. You should also try to move throughout the day (that incidental physical exercise we mentioned above) and manage your stress where possible. 
  • Trying new things – If your exercise program isn’t working for you, change it! This doesn’t necessarily mean throwing in the towel on your whole program, but instead try changing the intensity, duration, or frequency of your exercise sessions. 


If, after trying these things, you’re still not getting the results you want, it might be time to change things up more drastically. This could mean trying different types of training, being more intentional during exercise sessions, or reassessing your goals. If you need a hand improving your fitness, why not reach out and see what a personal trainer can do for you.

Beni Cook
Beni Cook is the Head Personal Trainer and Founder of Beyond Best. Beni is a health and fitness expert who develops individualised exercise programs that will meet your own short and long-term objectives, while providing information, advice and encouragement that will enable you to lead your healthiest life, every day.

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