How Does Cardio Burn Fat?

Posted by Beni Cook

If you want to burn fat fast, you likely include cardio workouts as part of your regular exercise routine. How exactly does cardio burn fat though and is it the only workout that can achieve fat loss? If you have been engaging in cardio without seeing the results you crave, you may need to adapt your approach – ideally with the support of the personal trainers at Beyond Best

How Does Cardio Burn Fat?

Multiple studies have shown that fat is burned through calorie expenditure during intense exercise where the heart rate is elevated for a period of time. During this elevation, the calories are excreted via gasses in the lungs – you breathe out your calories!

Cardio of any kind contributes to fat burning, whether it be walking, running, HIIT, rowing, burpees etc however the faster your heart rate, the more effective it will be. Keeping your heart rate and respiration rate up also supports a healthier heart and improved lung function.

Do Other Forms Of Exercise Burn Fat?

Yes! In fact the most effective way to burn fat is through a mix of cardio and weight training. Combining HIIT (high intensity interval training) and weight training is the optimal approach for weight loss and toning. Most trainers will recommend you do cardio post weight training to ensure you have the required energy sources intact for lifting weights.

Additionally, for effective weight loss, your focus needs to be more on calorie intake than exercise. Should you eat more calories than you burn, you will not lose weight, no matter how active you are. The trainers at Beyond Best Personal Training understand how to balance your fitness routine and can expertly tailored it to your needs,

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Beni Cook
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