How to understand food labels

Posted by Beni Cook

If you want to improve your appearances, among other key factors, you must pay close attention to everything you eat and drink.

Most people seem to know that dropping body fat requires a calorie deficit and gaining muscle requires a small calorie surplus.

These calorie requirements are going to demand some alterations to your food and drink choices and the only way to learn what will work best for you is by reading the nutrition labels.

If the foods you wish to compare aren’t packaged and therefore don’t provide a nutrition label, you will find comparable nutrition values using calorie counting apps like #MyFitnessPal

The less you eat packaged foods the better, however we’ve shared a simple guide from the Australian Government explaining how to read nutrition labels for those moments you are eating packaged food.

By reading the nutrition labels you will be able to pick the best choices from a selection of similar items or you may learn to avoid a certain food more often.

Either way it’s a lesson that will benefit you in the long term.

Eat well and keep active.

Beyond Best Personal Training Food Labels II

Beni Cook
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