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Posted by Beni Cook

Are you looking for a new and dynamic way to work out? Wanting to not only improve your fitness, but learn a new skill? Consider Muay Thai in Fitzroy with Beyond Best. If you have ever felt intimidated by the idea of learning martial arts, you’re not alone. At Beyond Best, we specialise in creating welcoming, fun and friendly spaces so you can feel comfortable trying something new.

Why Practice Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is a full body workout, and is also known as the ‘art of eight limbs’. As a variant of kickboxing, it uses kicks, punches, knees and elbows. This form of martial arts is favoured around the world and considered easy to pick up at any stage or life or fitness level.

Muay Thai is great for:

-All over body toning
-Improving mental strength and discipline
-Teaching fluid, powerful movements
-Teaching you tools to remain calm in stressful situations
-Improving confidence
-Teaching self-defence

Muay Thai is also ideal for meeting new people and expanding your social circle. It is not your usual group work out! Muay Thai offers a rapid way to raise your heartrate and break a sweat, it is ideal for reducing stress and having fun while you exercise.

Our experienced personal trainers can tailor your introduction to Muay Thai to ensure you get the most out of every session.
Beyond Best And Muay Thai
At Beyond Best Personal Training, one of the key things that makes us stand out from the crowd, is our skills in Muay Thai. Muay Thai kickboxing may be an ancient martial art, but with us it feels fresh, new and motivating.

If you hate cardio but love purposeful movement and renewed strength, Muay Thai could be the perfect addition to your fitness routine. Contact Beyond Best Personal Training on 0438 589 842 and sign up for Muay Thai in Fitzroy today.

Beni Cook
Beni Cook is the Head Personal Trainer and Founder of Beyond Best. Beni is a health and fitness expert who develops individualised exercise programs that will meet your own short and long-term objectives, while providing information, advice and encouragement that will enable you to lead your healthiest life, every day.

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