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If you’re ready to begin working on a new you with a personal trainer, but dread what sounds like a lot of hard work and dedication, you may be pleased to know that not all training methods are routine drudgery. For those who need mental stimulation to stay motivated, why not learn a new skill while you work out?

This is how Beyond Best Personal Training stands out from the crowd – along with a client-focused approach to things like cardio and strength training, we also specialise in the ancient martial art of Muay Thai boxing. A fun and challenging variation of kickboxing, Muay Thai is one way to work on your fitness without getting bored or losing enthusiasm.

What is Muay Thai boxing?

It may seem daunting to take up a martial art if you’ve never learned close-combat skills before, but Muay Thai is about far more than just kickboxing. As the national sport of Thailand and an important part of Thai culture, there is much to learn about its rich history.

Although it is known as ‘the art of eight limbs’ for the way it utilises one’s body as a multifaceted weapon, training in this way can help you to get in touch with yourself on levels you may not expect. While targeting and strengthening different areas individually, you will learn how to use your body fluidly, efficiently, and instinctively – making fitness second nature!

The benefits of our Approach

At Beyond Best, even our Muay Thai training is highly individualised. One of the many benefits of learning Muay Thai through us is that you won’t be expected to keep up with a group at different levels of fitness, or struggle through personal limitations. With us, your personal trainer will always develop plans tailored to you.

And of course, there are many other benefits that make Muay Thai appealing, such as gains in mental agility, concentration, flexibility, coordination, and confidence. Not to mention the invaluable skills of self-defence! So, for a workout regimen that’s interactive, purposeful, and rewarding, get in touch with Beyond Best

on 0438 589 842 to learn more.

I've been training with Sasha since the beginning of 2020 and it's been a lifesaver to keep our regular sessions in a challenging year. we've trained online, outdoors and at the gym when permitted. I've never been better physically or mentally thanks to his well tailored programs!
ronan burder
ronan burder
09:01 07 Sep 20
What an amazing place the knowledge and expertise shown by these guys was second to none!If you want a phenomenal experience this is th place to go to!A massive five star 🌟Check them out!
steven thompson
steven thompson
07:35 24 Jun 20
Amazing training and professional advice by ben and the team, highly recommended!! Thanks beyond best personal training
Brooke Phillips
Brooke Phillips
06:53 22 Jun 20
I've been training with Beyond Best for the last 2 1/2 years and can honestly say I haven't felt better or stronger ever in my life. Beni and Sasha are professional, caring people who really go the extra mile to ensure you're safe, supported and above all *challenged* during the sessions. Unhesitatingly recommend them to all ages and fitness levels.
Chris Kelaart
Chris Kelaart
08:44 04 Feb 20
The team at Beyond Best Personal Training have been great to work with so far. I'm loving the training, and already noticing results after just a few weeks!
Aaron Smee
Aaron Smee
09:03 03 Mar 20
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