Basic Foundations

Incorporate health and fitness into every aspect of your daily life.
Our Values
We believe the basic foundations of general health and body function need to be properly addressed if training benefits are to be maximised. Our aim is to educate clients on how to incorporate health and fitness into every aspect of their daily lives, whether at work, home, or the gym.
As far as Beyond Best is concerned, general good health is the foundation upon which our entire lives are built. If your overall health isn’t being optimised, neither will the benefits of your training.

One major area of focus is working with clients towards improved diet, providing education about the connection between what we eat and our health outcomes.

Sleep also plays a vital role in maintaining overall health, despite being something a lot of us neglect. If you’re not getting seven to eight hours nightly, we’ll work with you to develop strategies to manage this important area of your life.

To ensure appropriate exercises are incorporated into your regime, we will identify whether your body is functioning how it’s meant to. Can you squat, for instance? Can you put your hands behind you head? We’ll assess where function may be lacking, before working to improve those areas through a combination of stretching, mobility, stability and strength exercises.

By fixing limitations and addressing underlying issues, less stress is placed on the body, performance will be boosted and gains from your training will be optimised.

Whether your ultimate aim is a great body, weight loss, muscle gain, general improved strength and mobility, or something more specific like completing a 10k run, we’ll help lay the foundations and work with you towards these goals.

Although training will always be crucial, we’ll also help modify your diet appropriately and manage the many other lifestyle factors impacting your overall health.

Your training program will be fine-tuned over time to accommodate progress, adjusted goals, injuries and any other issues in your life that might affect your exercise regime.

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