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Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Zaac Woodhead

“I absolutely love training with Beni. It has been brilliant having his support with setting me customised training programs to suit my goals and helping construct the right eating meal routine. He challenges me in a positive way that makes me look forward to going to train.”
Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Mel Bugge

“Sasha is deeply knowledgeable and can tailor workouts to clients’ goals, but he also listens to feedback if there is something, I am uncomfortable or unable to do, which was important for me. The thing that I enjoy most about training is seeing my strength build over time, climbing up in the weights is a great feeling.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Oli Kirby

“Since I started training with Beni my mental health and overall wellbeing has improved substantially. I have also gained a decent amount of size and muscle. I really like the friendly welcoming environment at Beyond Best and the trainer’s expertise. If you’re on the fence about joining the Beyond Best team, all I can say is you won’t regret it.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial


“Do not hesitate to take this step. You will achieve incredible results, just remain focused and believe in yourself and the care/direction of the Beyond Best team.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Christine Dart

“Sasha is dedicated to his profession. His knowledge in fitness, diet and training is phenomenal. He has taught me more than I could imagine about the body and how to maintain it. I would recommend Sasha’s expertise to anyone who is serious about shaping up and keeping fit at any age.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Evan Burness

“I am shocked but definitely excited with the results I have achieved recently. Over the years I have never really been motivated to attend a gym and would just walk and occasionally go for a run. Since Oct 2015 I have been attending Goodlife and when the PT I was seeing left I joined Beyond Best with Beni.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Samantha Dart

“When I started training with Sasha, after just a few short weeks I could already see a dramatic change. He cleaned up my diet completely and introduced me to a whole other world in the weights room. I always thought cardio was the key to toning up and losing weight. Oh, how I was so wrong!”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Sunao Katada

“Sasha designed me multiple programs and also an eating plan too, which he made small changes to every couple of weeks depending on my progress and how I was feeling. It was tough at the start but once I got into the habit of preparing my food and so on it became a lot easier. I realized that if I listen to, and do exactly as Sasha says you can really change your body over a small period of time.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Michael Tedesco

“I lost 7kg going from 75kg to 68kg plus huge amounts of core strength, flexibility and that’s not to mention the feeling energised and motivated! The best thing about having a trainer is learning how to train properly and the correct exercise techniques.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Jimmy Mcmanus

“I wanted to do something a bit more challenging and so spoke to Beni about starting Muay Thai. His enthusiasm was infectious and the way he adapted the program to suit my lifestyle was not only helpful it also got results.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Mel Valle

“I started working with Beni as I wanted to lose weight. Over 12 weeks I not only lost 10kg I also learnt a lot about the kinds of foods, and quantities, I should be eating. I now feel fitter, healthier and, most importantly, happier.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Dave Goodlad

“Training with Beyond Best has been phenomenal. I started working with them to drop body fat just before I was due to be married, because I wanted to look great alongside my new bride. In five weeks I had reached my goal.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Geordie Cole

“Beni has structured my training to allow rehabilitation of my chronic (work related) shoulder injury through movement and intuitive subtle strength exercises also his holistic approach to health and training has given me a much greater knowledge of nutrition and diet. I can almost hear his voice when I’m eating potato chips…
Physical awareness (changing bad habits), posture, and motivation have all aligned to allow me to work smarter, play harder, and have fun training. ”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Erin Davies

“My program is always a nice mix of weight training and cardio which I really enjoy. I never get bored with my program and enjoy challenging and pushing myself. The guys are always attentive, professional, and happy to answer all of my questions and concerns. And it’s been great receiving advice about supplements and what I should be eating to stay on track since I was pretty clueless before. I am looking forward to continuing with my training and seeing both legends a few times a week.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Chris Kelaart

“Back in 2012 I had heart surgery which gave me a real wakeup call that I couldn’t just cruise through life. This led to me discovering how my unhealthy lifestyle was and bit by bit, I have been fixing my diet, doing more exercise, and not being as focused on work as I was. I feel like I have been led on a great journey back with many people helping along the way and I’m grateful to each and every one of them. You won’t regret your decision and provided you’re willing to put the effort in, the team will support you in every way possible.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Ben Clarke

“The boys from Beyond Best really know their stuff. 18 months ago, I had limited know how when it came to fitness and setting my own goals. They helped me cut through all the fads and understand how to get to where I want to be. Beni helped me cut through the distractions that life throws at you and keep up a regular exercise regime and taught me how to make my diet work for me and not against me.
Both Beni and Brusk have helped me increase my total body strength and become a happier, healthier me.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Kris Ocampo

“Beni and Brusk are both flexible and understanding when it comes to my family and business and I have still seen amazing results. I feel strong again, I’ve lost 4.5kgs and I am on track to lose more. Honestly cannot speak highly enough of these two guys. I look forward to seeing what goals they help me achieve moving forward. This is just the beginning.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Fiona Hewson

“I have lost 20 kg since starting less than 10 months ago with Beni and Josh, I have learned a lot about exercising progressively, recovery and nutrition, and have gained more energy to spend time with my 2-year-old son on weekends and more mental focus at work. Mostly I have gained confidence, and got my body back, after a long time! I haven’t been in this kind of shape since my wedding day, 14 years ago.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Ken Blinco

“After 6 months with Beyond Best I’ve made so much progress and gained nearly 5 kgs of muscle …which is massive for me. I’m now well on my way to reaching my goal weight of a lean 85kgs. Beni is motivating and enthusiastic and his enthusiasm rubs off which has helped me to keep on pushing. He genuinely cares about his client’s progress and continually updates your program as you progress towards your goal.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Hannah Gee

“I like having someone hold me to account to keep achieving my goals. I also like the flexibility my trainer provides in changing things up if I need to substitute an exercise or design a new program etc. I like having a regular weekly spot where my trainer pushes me. And I also like that my trainer (Beni) is a cool dude and gives me as much shit as I dish out which just makes it fun. If it’s not fun then what’s the damn point!”

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