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Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Christine Dart

“Sasha is dedicated to his profession. His knowledge in fitness, diet and training is phenomenal. He has taught me more than I could imagine about the body and how to maintain it. I would recommend Sasha’s expertise to anyone who is serious about shaping up and keeping fit at any age.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Evan Burness

“I am shocked but definitely excited with the results I have achieved recently. Over the years I have never really been motivated to attend a gym and would just walk and occasionally go for a run. Since Oct 2015 I have been attending Goodlife and when the PT I was seeing left I joined Beyond Best with Beni.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Samantha Dart

“When I started training with Sasha, after just a few short weeks I could already see a dramatic change. He cleaned up my diet completely and introduced me to a whole other world in the weights room. I always thought cardio was the key to toning up and losing weight. Oh, how I was so wrong!”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Sunao Katada

“Sasha designed me multiple programs and also an eating plan too, which he made small changes to every couple of weeks depending on my progress and how I was feeling. It was tough at the start but once I got into the habit of preparing my food and so on it became a lot easier. I realized that if I listen to, and do exactly as Sasha says you can really change your body over a small period of time.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Michael Tedesco

“I lost 7kg going from 75kg to 68kg plus huge amounts of core strength, flexibility and that’s not to mention the feeling energised and motivated! The best thing about having a trainer is learning how to train properly and the correct exercise techniques.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Jimmy Mcmanus

“I wanted to do something a bit more challenging and so spoke to Beni about starting Muay Thai. His enthusiasm was infectious and the way he adapted the program to suit my lifestyle was not only helpful it also got results.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Mel Valle

“I started working with Beni as I wanted to lose weight. Over 12 weeks I not only lost 10kg I also learnt a lot about the kinds of foods, and quantities, I should be eating. I now feel fitter, healthier and, most importantly, happier.”

Beyond Best Personal Training Student Testimonial

Dave Goodlad

“Training with Beyond Best has been phenomenal. I started working with them to drop body fat just before I was due to be married, because I wanted to look great alongside my new bride. In five weeks I had reached my goal.”


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