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A multi-pronged approach to a healthy lifestyle.

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Established 12 years ago, Beyond Best takes pride in its complete approach to health and fitness.

At the beginning of the Beyond Best journey, Founder Beni Cook recognised that, while the majority of people understood the importance of training, they weren’t necessarily looking upon it as one part of a multi-pronged approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Beni’s vision was to establish a supportive and educational environment in which other health factors such as diet, sleep and stress would be a focus. The goal of this fresh approach to personal training was to enable the development and maintenance of a sustainable and robust body through a healthy relationship with fitness.

And it’s a vision which has been delivered on, time and time again. Just ask our thousands of happy clients!

Beni Cook

Beni has always been interested in taking a positive approach to helping people. An expert in health and fitness, Beni has spent the last 16 years motivating and guiding clients towards achieving their goals. Whether through weight loss programs, strength training or Muay Thai boxing (his speciality!) Beni is passionate about working with people who are looking to make positive changes to their wellbeing.

“One of my greatest joys is to see people get healthier, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals. All while realizing that exercise is fun”.

Beni opened the doors to Beyond Best Personal Training in 2002, choosing Fitzroy’s Goodlife Health Club as its base due to the area’s vibrancy. Beni has worked with everyone from people living with obesity right through to professional athletes. No matter what challenges his clients are faced with, Beni prides himself on treating everyone as an individual and creating bespoke wellbeing programs that achieve success.

Sasha Dulics

Sasha is a certified nutrition coach with over 8 years’ experience as a personal trainer. After graduating from Australia’s most prestigious fitness school, he has continued his education through mentorship of bodybuilding legend and 3-time Mr Olympia, Frank Zane, as well as studying the principles of the world’s most successful strength coach, the late Charles Poliquin.   

“I’m not your typical rent-a-friend trainer and I’m not here to show you the latest fitness fad. I’m here to help you achieve life-changing fat loss and muscle building results. But you must have a real desire for it, be open to advice and be willing to work hard to get there.”

Sasha’s goal at Beyond Best is to help cut through the sea of misinformation around health and fitness, and help clients reach their goals through habit-based coaching, tried and true training methodologies and sound nutrition strategies. He takes a client-centred approach to his coaching, helping you achieve what you want to achieve rather than forcing his own goals on you.

Tia Vasiljevic

Tia is a passionate health and fitness professional with over 12 years’ experience in the industry. A successful athlete herself, Tia has previously won medals for swimming in Serbia and Hungary, and currently competes as an amateur GS athlete (Girevoy/Kettlebell sport) in Australia. Tia’s specialties include kettlebell training, strength and conditioning, stretch therapy, and teaching a variety of mobility skills.

“I love helping others to become more body aware and assisting them to achieve things with their movement practices that were beyond their imagination”.

Coming from a physiotherapy and remedial massage background, Tia is passionate about injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as teaching body awareness and connectedness. She enjoys working with people from all walks of life who are ready to learn, create positive changes, establish long-term healthy habits and share a laugh in the process.

Zac Polglaze

Zac is an enthusiastic sporting fan and basketball player, joining the fitness industry 3 years ago. He loves talking about the ‘why’ of fitness, helping clients to understand why certain movements work the way they do, and how to use them to best enhance their health and fitness. Always willing to take on new clients, Zac is passionate about creating long-lasting changes in his client’s lives.

“It’s an amazing feeling to see someone reach their goals. Watching clients walk out of our sessions pain free after years of back and joint pain says it all”.

Zac believes training with purpose wields the best results, and always encourages his clients to stay motivated and future-focused, rather than just going through the motions. His interests include strength and conditioning, bodybuilding, mobility, range of strength, sport specific and functional training.

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