Water, the Elixir of Intelligence

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Water is literally liquid sunlight. The Ancients called water the wine of life. I call it the elixir of intelligence.” – the Imaginist  

Water is crucial to our vitality. We can become dangerously dehydrated within a very short period of time if we don’t drink water.
It is through the liquid systems of the body that all nutrients are carried to the cellular level and the toxins are transferred away and out of the body. 

Indicators of Dehydration
– Stomach discomfort
– Muscle cramps
– Lightheadedness
– Weakness
– Increased thirst
– Dry lips or mouth
– Depression
– High blood pressure
– High cholesterol
– Liver & kidney damage
– Exhaustion
– Pains all over the body 

Water awakens our psyche, soothes our emotions and acts as the transmitter for all manner of information about us. The first cell of our existence is nourished by it, the enzymes and hormones that guard our life float in this magnificent medium. Water is truly the source of it all! 

Water not only moves within all layers and parts of our being but also around and through our external environment.
Relaxing in water provides a weightless environment and helps healing by taking the pressure off inner organs providing relief for the uncomfortable stomach and intestinal cramps.
Baths also seem to take away the worries and frustrations of the day.

We Are Water! 

Our health is determined largely by nutrients, hormones, enzymes and other vital elements that originate from water.
Blood is the transport for most of these substances and it is composed of 93% water.
We could last days, weeks without food although, without water we would last only about 3 days before dehydrating to death. 

Our body is 70% water; it’s astonishing if we stop to think of ourselves as fluid beings.  To contemplate that we are more than three-fourths water will make us feel differently about ourselves.
It means that the properties and the quality of water in our body have a far-reaching effect on who we actually are! 


Water has one crucial function in particular.  This function is to detoxify and cleanse our  system:
– To rid the body from toxins, large quantities of chemical pollutants, artificial  that the body can’t process
– Emotional residues can plague our conscious and unconscious states.
Chemical reactions are exposed into our bloodstream that alter the brain’s chemistry and lay imprints on the cells of the joints, organs and muscular system of the body caused by fear and anger.
The synovial fluid in our joints causes swelling when it retains emotions or is sent messages by the emotional body to hold on, often causing arthritis.
This fluid often increases in an attempt to ease the “friction” that is the result of the holding. 

As long as the fluids are clear, the liquid systems of the body can bring nutrients to the cells and can throw off the toxins. “Like the ever-present tide, water washes through all our joints, organs, cells, intestinal spaces, circulatory, lymphatic and spinal systems to nourish, restore and detoxify” – source unknown.

About the Brain 

The brain itself is 93% water and is fed by the cerebro – spinal fluid that washes through and around it.
This function is the reason we can be more motivated to keep our fluids clear, because this activates the master glands opening the consciousness by stimulating the pineal gland.

Hydration = Happy Self 

Consuming enough fluid is essential to live, play, exercise and think clearly.  Water is the beginning of the story of life!
Daily we need to consume about 1.5 – 2L of  water. When we exercise we should add another 0.6 – 1L clear water to keep ourselves hydrated 

When we are not used to drinking that much water on a daily basis, and we choose to live a healthier life, these are some easy steps to  follow:
– Have a water bottle filled with fresh water everywhere you go
– By increasing our water intake the volume of urine production will increase  – when this happens, the body can lose many vital water – solube vitamins. To combat this, we should increase our level of sea salt consumption and fresh fruits and juices to avoid muscle cramps. Sea salt will help us to retain the water and to be able to focus on the rehydration process
– We will use the bathroom more often during re-hydrating our system, although this only last for about 4 to 6  weeks; when our organs will expand to handle the increase supply that gives us the  desired health and vitality. 

More about Water 

Human muscles are composed of 75% of  water, the liver is 69% water and our bones are 22% water.
The best water, and the most powerful water, is water that has high colloidal minerals held in suspension from the Earth, not from a business or a laboratory. 

Water is an Elixir 

Here are some fantastic reasons why:
– It c
an cure ulcers
– It can cure asthma
– It can cure angina chest pains
– It helps to lose weight
– It helps to heal headaches & migraines
– It supports better digestion
– It can cure high blood pressure
– It can improve hormonal functions
– It can prevent cancer and dementia
– It can relieve chronic fatigue syndrome
– It can increase mental awareness
– It amplifies life – force 

From the information listed above, it is clear how important it is to drink water.  

Article researched & written by Tia Vasiljevic

Beni Cook
Beni Cook is the Head Personal Trainer and Founder of Beyond Best. Beni is a health and fitness expert who develops individualised exercise programs that will meet your own short and long-term objectives, while providing information, advice and encouragement that will enable you to lead your healthiest life, every day.

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