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21-Day Transformation Offer

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Whatever you’re hoping to achieve, our programs offer flexible, fun and interactive ways to improve your body, and boost your health. 

  • kick-start an exercise regime
  • get yourself back on track
  • lose weight
  • gain muscle
  • get toned
  • improve your overall strength, fitness and mobility
  • feel the mental benefits and boost your confidence
  • take your training to the next level!

Through a combination of the most effective training techniques, we are committed to developing tailored strategies to suit each individual client. Every strategy is entirely flexible and can be adapted over time, in line with your ongoing progress and goals.

At Beyond Best Personal Training, the goal that really drives us is ensuring clients develop and maintain a robust body to be proud of, and a healthy relationship with fitness.

Beyond Best Personal Training Transformation Offer Includes:

–  Weekly personal training to get the most out of every training session.

– ⁠ ⁠Custom exercise program so you know exactly what to do and when.⁠

–  ⁠Full gym access to practice your program when not with your personal trainer.

–  Nutrition coaching to teach you the skills to better manage your body weight, health and performance.

⁠- Powerful accountability to help facilitate change and ensure continual progress.

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Success Stories


‘I lost a total of 10kg on my program.  I feel fitter, healthier, and most importantly happier with myself.’


‘I lost 5kg in 6 weeks, while gaining significant strength. I was stoked to go from comfortably squatting 40kg up to 90kg in a matter of weeks. Since I started training with Beni, my measurements dropped dramatically, which meant I felt great rocking the suit that had been tight and awkward only 6 weeks earlier.’


‘I have lost around 10kg and feel terrific. I have kept it off and still go to the gym 2-3 times a week. I learned it’s not just the exercise but what you put in your mouth that’s important.’

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