Only after the body has recovered can real progress be made.

Training Methods

Whatever you’re hoping to achieve, our programs offer flexible, fun and interactive ways to improve your body, and boost your health. 

  • kick-start an exercise regime
  • get yourself back on track
  • lose weight
  • gain muscle
  • get toned
  • improve your overall strength, fitness and mobility
  • feel the mental benefits and boost your confidence
  • take your training to the next level!

Whatever you’re hoping to achieve, our programs offer flexible, fun and interactive ways to improve your body, and boost your health. 

 Through a combination of the most effective training techniques, we are committed to developing tailored strategies to suit each individual client. Every strategy is entirely flexible and can be adapted over time, in line with your ongoing progress and goals.

At Beyond Best, the goal that really drives us is ensuring clients develop and maintain a robust body to be proud of, and a healthy relationship with fitness.

Weight Training & Strength

Beyond Best trainers employ a range of techniques to improve strength and get you into the best shape of your life. Whether your goal is muscle growth or becoming more toned, the added benefit is improved mobility and functional movement. With the Beyond Best approach, you’ll see the greatest results in the shortest time.

Our weight training incorporates a combination of various strength and bodybuilding techniques, incorporating body weight and free weights such as kettlebells, barbells and dumbbells.

Every individual strength training program is tailored to accommodate experience, injuries and pre-existing conditions. We’ll start by using appropriate weights to suit your current abilities, before progressing to heavier and more complex movements over time.

At every session we want our clients to arrive in better shape than before. To help achieve this, we place a big emphasis on the importance of recovery. Only after the body has recovered can real progress be made. As many lifestyle factors can hinder the recovery process, we’ll continually modify training and intensity to suit your current situation.

The benefits? Improved strength will leave you looking and feeling better, reduce your chances of injury and help boost your performance in any sporting or physical activity you enjoy. You’ll experience better mobility and functional movement, as well as improved confidence, and a whole host of mental benefits.


Muay Thai

One of the many training elements that makes Beyond Best stand out from the crowd is our skill in the ancient martial art of Muay Thai boxing.

A variation of kickboxing and a fun way to make sure you’re getting that often-avoided cardio, Muay Thai is a rewarding way to work up a sweat.

The benefits? A session in the ring not only offers a vigorous physical and mental challenge, but will also help improve your body, overall fitness, concentration, mental agility, flexibility, coordination and confidence. As an added bonus, you’ll work on your self-defence skills as you exercise!


For many people, cardio can be the ultimate exercise turn off, leaving this particular element of training neglected.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! With Beyond Best, you’ll get your cardio via a specially developed circuit, packed with varied activities to keep it interesting. A single circuit might incorporate a combination as diverse as kettlebell carries, crawling variations and skipping.

Nobody understands cardio like we do! Our advanced yet simple approach is more effective than alternative methods, with your body being trained to use more fat as fuel, all day every day.

The benefits? In case you needed some compelling reasons not to avoid cardio, we’ve rounded some up … as well as supporting weight loss and body tone, it’s a vital means of boosting heart health, and is proven to greatly reduce your risk of chronic disease. It’s also important for enabling faster recovery times, elevating mood, and increasing stamina and endurance.

The Importance of Nutrition

Whatever you put into your body has a direct impact on the results you can expect to enjoy from your hard work in the gym. For that reason, another vital consideration at Beyond Best is diet and nutrition.

Every client is different. From your specific goals to training regimes, to the techniques you respond to the best.

Some clients already follow a healthy diet that’s proven successful for them, and are simply looking for the advice to help take their results to the next level.

Others are looking to make more significant changes to their nutrition. While the very thought can set alarm bells ringing, there’s no need to panic. If you’re not ready to say goodbye to that occasional sweet treat or Friday night takeout, that’s fine by us. Our team does not believe in eliminating the things you love altogether. In our experience, that frequently serves to set people up for failure.

Fundamentally, we’ll work with you and develop a tailored nutritional strategy that you feel able and willing to stick to. And always remember, it’s ok to slip up from time to time. We’re all human! At Beyond Best we’re all about progression over perfection.

Many factors are taken into consideration when developing nutritional plans.

Some clients might have a specific issue to be addressed – late night eating, for example, or simply not drinking enough water throughout the day.

Lifestyle and other practical considerations also play a big role. If you have a poor diet currently, a high-stress job and/or hectic family life, with very little time to cook, the added pressure of counting calories can be counterproductive. We find a slowly-slowly approach comprising small and gradual steps is often the best way to go.

We approach your nutrition in much the same way as we approach your training regime. Our clients benefit from honest, straight-forward advice, with tactics designed specifically for them. Sometimes this might involve keeping a food diary, or the development of meal plans. We might also look at psychological or social triggers, and consider the best methods to address them.

Above all else, we believe in sustainability. We’re not into quick fixes or short-term gains. Your main concern should not be the photo you’ll be able to share once you’ve hit your goal, before quickly sliding back into old habits. We want to empower you to develop great nutritional behaviours, that can be realistically maintained over the long-term. The result? An ongoing beneficial impact on your overall health!

While our approach varies from client to client, one thing that doesn’t change is the important role discussions around diet play during every session. This is vital to help us help you fuel your body in the best way, to boost the long-lasting progress and results you’re striving for.

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