Is Weight Training & Resistance Training the Same Thing?

Posted by Beni Cook

Weight training and resistance training, you’ve likely heard these terms being used frequently when it comes to the latest exercising trends. As we shift away from the idea that cardio is king, weight training and resistance training have become more popular. But are they the same thing or do you need to pursue both of them independently as part of your fitness routine?

Is Weight Training And Resistance Training The Same Thing?

Essentially, yes. Weight training and resistance training are the names given to any exercise that uses weights to strengthen muscle through resistance and muscular contraction. There can be slight variances in what weight training and resistance training look like, i.e. free weights vs using your body weight as resistance. However, the end goal is the same – improved muscle mass and greater strength. For this reason, you may also hear this style of exercise referred to as strength training.

Benefits Of This Kind Of Training

Enhanced strength is always beneficial to the human body, it contributes to better posture and mobility as well as improved bone density. Strength training has also been shown to increase your metabolism for optimal fat burning and weight loss. Stronger muscles also means better support for your skeletal system, so you can say goodbye to a sore back!

From a mental health perspective, just as with all exercise, strength training boosts endorphins or happy hormones. This can mean a reduction in anxiety or stress, better cognition and more restful sleep. Weight training also tends to help build confidence levels in those who engage in it, as they feel strong and more capable.

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Beni Cook
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