Turkey Taco Meal Prep Bowls

Posted by Beni Cook
Meal prepping can be a helpful healthy eating tool amidst busy weekday schedules. Having well-balanced meals on hand will help you regulate what you eat and help you stay on track with your personal diet goals.



439 Cal | 22g Fats | 39g Carbs |27g Protein



• 1 tbsp. olive oil
• 450g lean ground turkey
• 2 tbsp. taco seasoning
• 1120ml water

For the salsa:
• 300g cherry tomatoes, halved
• 1 red onion, diced
• 1⁄2 lime, juiced
• salt & pepper to taste

• 140g sweetcorn kernels, drained
• 1 avocado, quartered
• 400g cooked brown rice



1) Heat the olive oil in a large skillet and over a medium heat, add the ground turkey and cook for about 10 minutes. Season the turkey with the taco seasoning and add the water. Stir to combine and simmer for a couple of minutes, until the sauce has thickened. Remove from the heat and set aside.

2) Combine all salsa ingredients in a bowl and set aside.

3) Assemble the bowls by dividing the ground turkey, sweetcorn, avocado, cooked rice and tomato salsa, equally between 4 containers with air tight fitting lids. Seal the containers and store in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. Enjoy cold, or heat in the microwave.


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Beni Cook
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